Should you put your prices on your website?

A common question I get asked when creating websites for my clients is whether they should list their prices or not. Let’s talk about it!

I’ve noticed that those who are not confident with posting their prices are simply not confident in their pricing. Most times they’re afraid of what the reaction will be of their worth. This also means that they are more than likely going to engage in a bidding war just so that they can make a sale versus making a transaction that is mutually beneficial.

Yes, we all want to make money in business, but all money is not good money. You don’t want money that comes with a load of stress and inadequate compensation. Trust me when I say that those types of transactions turn out to be the most expensive.

Set your price & stick to it!

If you’re not able to stick to your pricing, then I don’t believe you’re ready to sell. You need to be firm in what you and your business deserves. If you’re struggling to figure out what your pricing should be, then you should definitely take look at our course: Pricing for the Win. It’ll help you figure that out! Once you’re sure in your pricing, you won’t bother to negotiate pricing with people who do not value what you bring to the table.

Don’t be money hungry! Consistency, patience, and strategy will bring the right type of clients to you.

Be transparent!

Weed out the potential clients who aren’t ready to make that type of an investment!

Think about your own needs for example. Anytime you’re looking for a service or even a product, don’t you shop around to see what the various prices are in relation to what’s being offered? It’s normal practice. If your prices aren’t listed, you’re making that process harder for a potential client and they may just pass your business and move onto the next one because they chose to be transparent.

Don’t be money hungry! Consistency, patience, and strategy will bring the right type of clients to you.

Cynthia Akita

In the end, the choice is yours. If you’re offering a high-ticket service, you don’t necessarily need to post your pricing because chances are that you’ll have a more selective process that requires inquirers to apply and go through a sales call, but if you have ticket items that are lower, you should consider what I’ve stated above. Make life easy for your website visitors and potential clients!

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