Dubsado is Having A Sale!

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I’m excited to share that Dubsado is HAVING A SALE to commemorate another birthday! You’ll have the opportunity to partake in major savings of 20% off of a month or a year, depending on your preference!

What is Dubsado?

As a business owner, you want to take your Client Relationship Management seriously because the experience is all that matters! Well, Dubsado helps you do just that. Dubsado is a CRM tool that allows you to manage your clients, create contracts that can be signed digitally, create forms, accept leads, send invoices and get paid, schedule appointments, view accounting/reporting, and just so much more!! I use it to make the web design process much smoother for my clients, and they love it.

So what I’m going to do is highlight a few of the things I enjoy most about it because I don’t want you to miss out on this amazing deal.

The video above will give you a snapshot of how Dubsado will change your life.

My Dubsado Highlights

Payment Gateway & Invoicing
Not everyone may have their website all set up and ready to receive payments, so I love that Dubsado allows you to accept payments for your services in a professional manner that doesn’t involve a potentially shady Cash-App or PayPal link. Your customers want to trust you and giving you their money is a big deal, so having the ability to do so professionally without losing their trust is always worth it!

When it comes to invoicing, I love that I can simply click on my packages and add them to an invoice. I can also set up payment plans with reminders that will send automatically to remind my clients of their upcoming payments. It’s such a stress-free feature.

Contracts & Forms
I love that I can create contracts using Dubsado that my clients can sign all within the same platform. Gone are the days where you have to crate a contract using Pages or Microsoft Word and then having to upload that to a program that allows your client to submit their signature. No need for that because Dubsado allows you to send it right over with that feature already built in. Not only do they make contracts easier, but forms are easy too! Submit proposals and have your clients create their own packages, and or create forms that your clients can fill out to give you more information about whatever it is that you need in order to fulfill their needs.

The Client Portal
Who doesn’t love a personalized portal?! I know I do! I love that I can create a portal for my clients where they’ll find any and everything that has to do with the project we are currently working on. They can access their emails and even respond to them, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, forms, and even tasks that I have for them. It keeps things in one place and reduces the need for you to constantly search through your inbox for things regarding each specific project.

Scheduling Appointments
I love to consultations with potential clients before I take them on, in fact it’s a part of my processes. Dubsado allows me to schedule appointments, accept payments if necessary, and even send forms for clients to fill out before they can meet with me all at one time. It saves me from having to find an external tool loonily do a portion of that.

Workflows allows you to automate systems for each type of service you provide your clients. It forces you to sit down and think of a streamlined process for your business. Instead of having to do everything one-by-one after your consultations or after receiving contracts, you can set up a workflow that will push your clients along the appropriate path without forcing you to have to do it all on your own. Do you usually send a thank you note after a meeting, set up your workflow so that it’s done for you automatically!

As a business owner, you want to take your Client Relationship Management seriously because the experience is all that matters!

Cynthia Akita

There’s so much more that I can highlight about Dubsado, but here are just a few to get you started. Feel free to watch the video up above that Dubsado provides showing a walk through of their platform.

At the very least you can give Dubsado a try for $30 for the month with 20% off using my affiliate code. Please remember that we recommend products that we have used ourselves. Feel free to check out our Affiliate Disclaimer!

What are you waiting for, creative? Get your systems in order and make your client relationship management a PRIORITY. Dubsado helps you do just that! Give it a try today!

Sale Ends on 2/26 at 2PM PST.

Don’t miss out!

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