How Courses Work

Our course transactions are not completed through All courses are sold through the online platform, Teachable. When you click “Buy Course”, you will be redirected to another website. You are redirected to another website because all of our courses are hosted on Teachable, which is a course/teaching platform. In order to access any courses, you must access them through our Teachable School. Before your transaction is completed, you will then be prompted to create login credentials that will give you access to the course. You are responsible for keeping your login credentials private.

We do our best to provide you with current information in our courses, however, please take note that any course that is related to a particular software or app may not be up to date due to the constant updates that are made to software/apps.

Some courses may have a specified time-frame of access or a subscription. Regardless of this fact, you have access to the course for the LIFETIME OF THE COURSE. If the course is available for a year and requires deletion/discontinuation for whatever reason after that time frame, you will then lose access to the course, without notification. If you purchase a course, take advantage and at least go through the course when purchased. You are not advised to purchase a course and let it sit for 6+ months. If you want the results, you will not let a course sit for a period of time.

*We are not responsible for informing you if a course will be discontinued.

Please note that commercial licenses only apply to TEMPLATES. They do not apply to Educational Guides or Courses. Educational Guides and/or Courses MAY NOT be licensed for further sale or reproduction. Violation of these terms will result in legal action.