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How to create a Canva account

There’s only one way to get started with any design…

There’s only one way to get started with any design is to create a Canva account! Canva offer two types of memberships, free and what they call Canva Pro.

The free version of Canva is great. It allows you to create designs, but does limit how many creative elements and tools you’re able to utilize in your designs. Honestly, you can use any and all of what they provide, however, you’ll be required to pay for the extra charges that are included if you add these “Pro” elements to your design. You’ll be required to pay before you can download any of your designs. If you don’t include any of the “Pro” elements into your design, you can continue on with Free designs for as long as you please. Most of the designs in our shop are made for those who have the free version of Canva.

The Paid version, known as Canva Pro gives you access to EVERYTHING that Canva has to offer. It doesn’t limit any stock photos or graphics that can be added to whatever you are creating. You have an open playing field!

This affiliate link for Canva provides you with a free 30 day trial of Canva Pro. Try it out and see how much you like it!

Step 1: Visit the Website through our link

Click here to get started! You’ll see the photo below, introducing you to Canva Pro. Click on the button that says “Try Canva Pro for Free” or “Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner. Either button will get you to the next step.

Step 2: Create Your Account

Fill out the required information to create your account. Canva will not ask for your credit card info until your trial is over, so don’t worry about having to set an alarm to cancel your subscription. Have fun without any strings attached. Once your trial is over, you can proceed with a membership for Canva Pro (recommended) or you can downgrade to the Free version of Canva. Either way, it’s a win-win for you and your future graphics!

Step 3: Your Dashboard

Familiarize yourself with the Canva Dashboard. It will look a bit similar to the photo below.

Sign up for your free account today! Link below!