Beautypreneur Tips, Tricks, & Tools for Business Domination



Are you a makeup artist, hair stylist, nail technician or beauty industry service provider that is uncertain about what to do in these times? Are you questioning whether or not you should be selling to your audience and how to do so in a way that doesn’t make you look money hungry?

The pandemic has definitely caused many of us to shift our businesses and explore more refined and unique ways of making sales. In Beautypreneur “Tips, Tricks, and Tools” for Business Domination, we are tackling all of these questions you have and are proving you with 12+ strategies that you can implement RIGHT AWAY. In addition, we are providing you with the tools and systems you can use in order to make these strategies a success with a video tutorials.

Don’t waste the opportunity to stay out of the red while servicing your audience with the things that they need. Learn how to engage and sell to your audience amidst an uncertain economy.

  • Validate the necessity of your craft.
  • Acquired knowledge on how to build your audience.
  • Learned how to set firm communication foundations in your business.
  • Understood which systems to use for the success of your business and how to implement them.
  • Leveraged 12 business and content strategies to build a strong audience.

Module 1: Setting A Strong Foundation

  • Building A Strong Mindset
  • Conducting Business In An Uncertain Economy
  • Building An Audience

Module 2: Business & Content Strategies

  • Cold Calls Are Not A Thing Of The Past
  • 9 Ways To Spin Educational Content
  • Email Marketing Secrets
  • Recurring Income Trade Secrets
  • Virtual Partying With Revenue In Mind
  • Course and Webinar Galore
  • Past Clients Make Way For New Clients
  • Partnerships: The Path of Success
  • Visibility With Podcasting
  • Selling In Advance
  • Quizzes Lead To Purchases
  • Launch Your Product

Module 3: Implement Systems

  • Your Online Real Estate
  • Pop-Ups & Email Freebies with Mailchimp
  • Course & Webinar Tools
  • Configuring Pricing Structures
  • Automation with Ease

Resources & Bonuses


~187 Minutes



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Beautypreneur Tips, Tricks, & Tools for Business Domination