Boss Lady Logos Made Easy



10 Beautifully branded, customizable logos that you can have ready in less than 10 minutes WITHOUT using Photoshop.

DO NOT delay the start of your business any longer. Develop your brand with our customizable logos in less than 10 minutes and START SELLING!

Say goodbye to long waits, and graphic designer blues. Have these logos at your finger tips!

  • Have your business idea ready, but don’t have a logo to get started.
  • Cannot afford the high prices of a designer to create a logo for you.
  • Are pressed on time and need to make your website LIVE so that you can begin to generate some income.
  • Need to build an online brand presence but don’t have the resources or skills to make your logo look professional.
  • Learned how to build a beautiful brand.
  • 10 Ready-to-use logos that can be customized in Canva.
  • Optimized your logo for use beyond website placement.
  • Developed your brand without the high costs of a web designer.

All-in-all, Boss Lady Logos Made Easy will put the time constraints in YOUR HANDS and allow you to get your business off the ground RIGHT AWAY. Create a strong brand for your online business in less than 10 minutes!


Module 1: Learn How To Build A Beautiful Brand

  • Branding 101
  • Branding In Canva

Module 2: Customize 10 Ready-To-Use Logos In Canva

  • Expertly Designed Logo For Fitness Gurus
  • Head-Turning Logo For Podcasters
  • Shatter Ceilings With This Private Practice Logo
  • Sophisticated Logo For A Food Industry Brand
  • Get A Double-Take With This Logo For Your Product-Based Business
  • Personable, Yet Professional Logo For A Service Provider
  • Powerful Logo For Brands Involving “The Arts”
  • Ideal Logo For The Sports Brand
  • E-Commerce Powerhouse Logo
  • The Perfect Logo For A Public Speaker

Module 3: Optimize Your Logo for use BEYOND Website Placement

  • Optimize Your Logo
  • Applying Your Logo To Digital Products

~76 Minutes



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Boss Lady Logos Made Easy