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The Like, Comment, Share, Save Instagram Templates are for our creatives who want to encourage their followers to interact with their content. Get your audience excited about what you’re bringing to the table with our templates! If you are interested in these particular photos, feel free to purchase them at Haute Stock!

This particular template includes 13 Instagram Templates (1080 x 1080). You may use these templates on whichever platform you choose that allows these particular dimensions.

*Please read the FULL DESCRIPTION down below for more info.

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Why struggle with creating your social media posts when you don’t have to? We’re making it a breeze for you with our already-made templates. You can finally RECLAIM YOUR TIME! We’ve made these Canva templates so that you can easily switch colors and fonts to fit your brand personality in just a few minutes and a few steps.


Once you’ve made your purchase, you will receive an email with a digital download. Once you download this file, you’ll be given access to the templates, a video tutorial (it may not be a video of your exact templates, but the concepts are the same), as well as some other resources to help you in your designing. You’ll be able to download the file up to 5 times, so make sure that you’re at least on a computer so that you can save the file into a folder on your device.


In order to access the template(s), a Canva account is needed. This template requires a FREE account.


Stock Photos are NOT included in this purchase. If you are a fan of the stock photos used, please purchase a membership with Haute Stock!


All templates include a Standard Commercial License. You may read more about this here.
All sales are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE due to the digital nature of this product and also because it is delivered instantaneously. You may view our Refund Policy for more information. If you have additional questions about our templates, please feel free to visit our FAQs.


We love our first-timers! We would love to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into with our templates, so please click here for our free set of templates. Try them out and get your feet wet before you make your purchase!


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Please note that commercial licenses only apply to TEMPLATES. They do not apply to Educational Guides or Courses. Educational Guides and/or Courses MAY NOT be licensed for further sale or reproduction. Violation of these terms will result in legal action.

Can be used Cannot be used
For personal projects For native apps, web apps, or games
For educational materials To resell or sub-license the Licensed Asset in a way that is directly competitive with it
To create digital products for your business, such as opt-in downloads for your audience like e-books, PDFs, worksheets etc. To resell any modification of the asset on its own
For up to 5,000 physical or digital end products for sale To make the asset public or share the asset in any way that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute it as a standalone file
For one business social media account owned and managed by the licensee To use the Licensed Asset in pornographic, fraudulent, immoral, infringing, illegal, harassing, offensive, or defamatory material
For unlimited physical advertisements for local markets To falsely represent authorship and/or ownership of the Licensed Asset
For digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions To allow anyone other than the Licensee to customize a digital or physical end product, whether for commercial or non-commercial use. This includes, but is not limited to, “print on demand”, “made to order” or “download on demand” applications.
For broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewers For any other use that is not expressly permitted in the license terms is strictly prohibited


What is an End Product?
An End Product is a product you will create from the asset(s) you purchased on this website.

Please explain the “commercial” use of an asset.
Commercial Use is:

  • one that involves an exchange of money or other consideration
  • one that promotes a business (e.g., sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership), product, or service
  • one where financial gain or other consideration is either sought or a result, directly or indirectly, of Licensee’s use of the Licensed Asset.

If one or more of the above is true, the use is “Commercial.”



The Licensee is not required to give credit/attribution for template or resource use (however, if you wish to do so, we’ll be extremely appreciative).

When credit/attribution is required**
Any and all editorial use requires attribution. All attributions should e legible and in close proximity to the template/resource.
How to give attribution: “[Licensed asset product type or name] copyright via Creatives’ Boulevard”


Template License FAQs

Can I use a licensed template in my social media accounts?
You may use templates purchased with one business social media account. If you’re using the asset in a company or business social media page, you may use the template an unlimited number of times.
**Please note that a separate Commercial License is required for each social media business account or page.

Are there limits on how many times I can use a template?
You may use the template(s) an unlimited number of times for non-commercial end products(items not for sale). You can also use the add-on in an end product for sale, as long as the sales do not exceed 5,000. 

Can I purchase templates and use one or more of them as a product in my own store?
No. Any resale/sublicense of the licensed product in source file form or otherwise competitive with it is prohibited.

Can I purchase templates and include them as a freebie or additional asset in a program or course I am selling?
No. Any resale/sublicense of the licensed add-on in source file form or otherwise competitive with it is prohibited. If you would like exclusive templates created for your program/course, contact us at for design and an Extended License.

What happens if I exceed 5,000 end product sales?
In this case, you may come back to the store and purchase another license or contact us privately for an Extended Commercial License at

Can I use a template to make marketing material for my company?
With the Commercial License, you are allowed to use the template for your company’s marketing material. With a Commercial License, you can use the template for physical commercial advertisements like billboards, signage, and collateral in Local Markets. Display or distribution must be within a 200-mile radius of a single country. There’s no restriction on digital advertisements. 

Can I use the logo template to make a logo? Will it be exclusively mine?
With the Commercial License, you may use a template as part of your logo, as long as the original asset is (1) modified and (2) not the dominant element of the logo. However, you must disclaim the asset if registering for Trademark protection, and you may not enforce any rights on the asset itself. Please note that the template is not exclusively yours as many may purchase the exact template. You can make it yours by inserting your business name and/or changing the colors/font, etc. However, you are not allowed to force any rights on the asset(s).


Agreement & Termination

Purchase of this product(s) ensues an understanding of these terms. Failure to adhere to these terms will result in legal action as well as the termination of the license.
Upon termination:

  • You will be required to delete/destroy any and all downloaded assets that are in your possession
  • You will lose all rights that were granted to you under any License, whether Commercial or Extended Commercial.
  • You will be required to cease all activities that were authorized by this License.
  • You will be banned from making any further purchases from this company.


Like, Comment, Share, Save Instagram Templates