Support Services

By purchasing our products, you are entitled to free support services. Our free support services for digital products must relate directly to issues involved with the original digital asset. The following applies to this service

  • Issues with the original design/template
  • Issues related to the template
  • Files that are included with the digital product

The following services are not included

  • Fixing any issued that are caused by the program/platform you are using
  • Design, installation, and setup of the digital product
  • Adding your own content(image, text, links) to the digital product
  • Creating new pages or features for the digital product
  • Customizing the digital products to your requirements (layout, fonts, images, color, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting issues caused by other customizations, designs, and/or platforms/software
  • Setup or purchase of any platforms/software

Submit A Ticket

Prior to filling out a support form, please be sure to read the FAQs and product description. as those resources may provide you with an answer much faster.